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The world is facing a digital transformation, where companies and organizations must rethink and develop solutions and the way of working – both to future-proof the company but most importantly Earth.
Accounting firms are no exception, and with its history as an industry with a large consumption of paper, it also needs to think through and consider the processes that are in the industry.
At Sovereign Solutions ApS, we work actively on several fronts. We strive for a paperless future, where we have automated several of our processes by implementing digital tools that, in addition to the digital transformation, also contribute to a more efficient workflow.
Since more forest is an important contribution to combating the CO2 footprint, – and with the desire to give back what we have used, – we at Sovereign Solutions ApS have entered into a sponsorship collaboration with Plant et Træ; an organization which since 1988 has contributed to giving back to nature by planting no less than 1,500,000 million trees.

Part of Plant et Træ’s work involves donating trees to children in 1st grade who plant the trees as part of their education. Sovereign Solutions ApS helps to plant the trees, where together with the children we get closer to nature, with the hope of passing on a love and desire to look after it. The project is called “For every child a tree”, and you can read more about it here.

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