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External CFO

A permanent CFO can quickly become a major expense for a small business. We can set up systems so that your finance function is as easy and automatic as possible.


Do you dream of becoming an entrepreneur, but have difficulty finding your head and tail in business form, accounting, VAT and tax? Start-up-assistance might be what you need.

Process optimization

There are many technologies and systems that can optimize the finance function, but it can be difficult to find your way around. We have practical experience with implementing these.

Project Management

We are PRINCE2 certified in project management and have practical experience in leading several projects. We are used to working across an organization.

Budget & reporting

Do you need a budget to apply for a loan or do investors require a monthly report?
Then there is help to be found at Sovereign Solutions ApS.

Interim services

Do you have a temporary need that has arisen suddenly in the event of a termination or sick leave? Do you urgently need an accountant or controller? We can step in.

Accounting & administration

As the business grows, it is important to have good systems in place to facilitate administration. We can help implement these from the start.


Save time on administration, focus on your passion.
Sovereign Solutions ApS’ mission is to make smaller businesses more efficient by optimizing their administration. We do this by implementing systems and processes that make your work easier and remove the administration burden. We have chosen to focus on smaller companies because we believe that entrepreneurs are full of passion, but do not always have the administrative tools to live out their dream. We possess these tools and knowledge.


Sovereign Solutions ApS works to become the leading consultant in areas such as entrepreneurial assistance, CFO, process optimization and accounting for entrepreneurs in Copenhagen and the surrounding area.


Efficiency – technological developments have brought with them many tools that can make life as an entrepreneur easier. However, it can be difficult to find your way around. We are experts in implementing these systems and tools. Let us make your everyday life more efficient.

Balance – it is important to be in balance with oneself and one’s surroundings. Life as an entrepreneur can quickly take over and overshadow other important aspects of life. By reducing the administrative burden, we give you free space to enjoy life.

Professionalism – with several years of practical experience from the business world, both as self-employed persons and as employees, we bring great professionalism to the table. We know the challenges that entrepreneurs face and can help you live out your dream.

Unique – we are all unique individuals. This also applies to our companies. We help find just the right solution for your business and needs.

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– Save time on administration, focus on your passion.


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